On the first day of the seminar, I was tired because of the nervousness but I felt much lighter and my stiffness in my shoulders disappeared thanks to receiving Reiki on the second and third days from the classmates. I had been suffering from iciness for many years but it was greatly eased after the 3 day seminar. I am amazed how fast my headaches get better.
H.M from Aichi, Japan
The class was filled with friendly atmosphere and the fulfilling 3 days went so fast. I felt as I received a great gift of treasure. I am feeling stronger in body and mind.
H.P from Switzerland
Even though the class was quite large with many people, I was impressed that the workshop went very smoothly and the class was very nice with friendly atmosphere.
During Reiki mawashi practice, I was amazed how powerful Reiki flew.
C. P from Switzerland
After the 3 day course, I noticed that my eye sight became very clear. Actually, I had got my pair of reading glasses made before the class but I had to readjust them after the class. I am feeling that my eyes and also my mind become clearer if I practice Reiki daily.
T.K from Kanagawa, Japan