About Jikiden Reiki
As we mentioned in the previous section, the large majority (99%) of Reiki currently being practiced in Japan is Western style Reiki even though Reiki comes originally from Japan. One point, it was believed that Western style Reiki was the only surviving Reiki and that there were no longer any practitioners in Japan, so when Reiki was reintroduced to Japan, those people who were interested visited North America to learn it. In truth, there have always been Reiki successors here in Japan.

They are : * Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai-an organization founded by Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. This organization has, until now, been almost unknown to the World because of its decision to remain a closed group.

*The surviving students of Chujiro Hayashi (a prominent student f Usui sensei) Including:

Hawayo Takata : a Japanese American from Hawaii, who is regarded as a person who brought Reiki to the West. She became a student of Hayashi, started Reiki healing in Hawaii and trained 22 teachers of Reiki after Reiki had miraculously saved her from terminal illnesses. Reiki spread in the World today was started by her.

My mother Chiyoko Yamaguchi was taught Reiki by Hayashi in the late 1930s when she was 17 years old. She practiced it daily for 65 years until she passed away in 2003.

Throughout my childhood, I learned from firsthand experience that colds, headaches, and wounds etc. were easily cured by my mother’s Reiki treatments. I was able to fully understand the effectiveness of Reiki from an early age through my own healing experiences. Having delved into my mother’s memories and going through old documents and photos, I discovered that it was Chujiro Hayashi who had initiated my mother into Reiki.

One day, while participating in healing workshop held in Tokyo, I met a Reiki teacher who told me a lot about today’s situation of Reiki in Western countries. I was surprised to know the number of the people who practice Reiki in the West and realized that energy healing was being accepted in this modern society. It was through his introduction that well-known Japanese Reiki teachers first came to visit my mother. After this, a lot of Reiki teachers from overseas come to visit her as they wanted to meet a student who had been taught by Hayashi directly.

Tadao Yamaguchi
Jikiden Reiki Institute representative